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BOMM: Black Opinions Matter

Dec 10, 2018

Black Opinions Matter Monday: Amin Elhassan, BLK Tray, BIG Wos and John Jervay

Special guest: Travon Free / @Travon

Produced by: Rob Lopez



Fair Weather fans


Black Jade

Cancel Culture

Delete your accounts and old tweets now

Kevin Hart

Welcome Travon Free

How long is too long ago?

Behind the name BLK Tray

Thought on Cancel Culture

Nick Cannon

The thought police on Twitter

What's it like to go though it? 

Twitter will always come for you

Bow Wow is a du rag model

Jerv came home

Bigen and the beard

Grant Hill's new beard 

That "extra family member"


Scarface turns 30

How real was that movie?

Best lines

This Week In White People

Milly Rock at Marcy

Jay Z

Cole's Forrest Hills Drive

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