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BOMM: Black Opinions Matter

Jun 26, 2019

Amin, Blk Tray, Jerv, Big Wos, Mariano



(3:00) Diddy Dirty Mack?

(9:00) Dirty Mackin’ stories

(31:00) Family members mackin’

(37:00) ‘Nellyville’ 

(54:30) Worst and best Airports

(57:30) Michael Jackson’s death

(1:06:00) MB3FIVE vs Dame DOLLA Rap Battle

(15:50:00) Jerv’s Turtle



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Jun 20, 2019

Big Wos and Michael Brooks come together for another big episode of Woke Bros. The guys talk about the latest conflict in the Middle East, Joe Biden finds a way to fumble again and the television phenomenon known as ‘Chernobyl’.

Produced by: Rob Lopez


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Jun 19, 2019

Amin, Blk Tray, Jerv, Justin Tinsley, Jason Madison



(4:00) Tinsley defends Tupac

(26:00) Does Pac have a classic?

(34:00) Where does he rank?

(41:00) LL Cool J vs Snoop Dogg

(45:00) Biggie’s Impact on Jay Z

(56:00) Unrest in Sudan




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Jun 13, 2019

Big Wos and Michael Brooks are back to chat about some of the latest topics from around the world. The guys take a look at the latest in Lula da Silva’s political imprisonment in Brazil, Jon Stewart fighting for 9/11 first responders against corrupt congress and YouTube’s double standards.

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Jun 12, 2019

Big Wos, Blk Tray, Jerv and Amin joined by special guest Marc Lamont Hill



(3:00) The roast of Jerv

(10:00) Marc’s take on Pac

(20:00) Pac’s impact beyond the bars

(40:00) Where does Tupac rank?

(50:00) When They See Us






Produced by Rob Lopez

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